Recommendation Letter For Scholarship

A scholarship recommendation letter is written for a student applying for a scholarship. In a scholarship recommendation letter, the writer knows all the details about the student such as the student’s character, academic and professional career, etc. A letter of recommendation for a scholarship is written to the scholarship donor or related organization (committee) to increase the student’s chances of receiving the scholarship.
Teachers, professors, employers, mentors, or workplaces write the most recommendation letter for scholarship.

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Important point before writing a recommendation letter for a scholarship

  • Use a maximum of 500 words and a minimum of 360 words
  • All Fully Funded Scholarships require a recommendation letter
  • Most scholarships ask for two recommendation letters From an employer and from a person who knows you well

How to write a letter of recommendation for a scholarship

1. Introduction: Start with a proper salutation addressing the scholarship committee. Mention your role, function, and how you recognize the student (e.g., teacher, professor, organization, mentor).
2. Opening Paragraph: Briefly introduce the students and the reason for the recommendation. Mention the student’s educational field or area of interest.
3. Academic Achievements: Detail the student’s overall performance, including GPA, class rank, or any unique achievements. Mention student notable work, projects, or research
4. Extracurricular Activities: Highlight the student’s involvement in extracurricular sports, sports activities, or network providers. Discuss any leadership roles the student has undertaken and their impact.
4. Personal Qualities: Describe the student’s character, painting ethic, and any precise characteristics that lead them to stand out. Provide precise examples or anecdotes that illustrate those features.
5. Relevant Skills and Abilities: Highlight the student talent and competencies relevant to the scholarship. Provide examples of how the student has confirmed these capabilities in one-of-a-kind contexts.
6. Comparison and Context: If applicable, evaluate the pupil to their friends or mention how they stand out within the instructional or extracurricular network.
Provide context for the committee to recognize the significance of the pupil’s achievements.
7. Future Potential: Discuss the student’s potential for future success in their chosen subject of examination or profession. Mention any unique desires or aspirations the student has shared with you.
8. Closing Paragraph: Summarize why the student is a robust candidate for the scholarship. Express your confidence in the student’s ability to make a wonderful impact.
9. Formal Closing: End the letter with a formal closing. Include your contact information in case the committee has additional questions.
10. Proofreading: Before submitting the letter, carefully proofread it.

Scholarship recommendation letter example

Recommendation letter for scholarship from teacher/mentor/professor

[University/College letterhead]

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP Code]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]


[Scholarship Committee]
[Name of the Scholarship]
[Scholarship Organization]
[City, State ZIP Code]

Dear [recipient’s name] or To Whom it May Concern;

This letter is recommended for consideration by [full student name] for [scholarship name]. As [his/her] [teacher/counselor/mentor] at [your school/college/organization], I witnessed [his/her] amazing academic capacity, willpower, and mindset extremely well.

Throughout my [time] I knew [student’s last name], and I was impressed with [his/her] [specific characteristics or achievements described, e.g., work ethic, leadership, learning efforts] at all times.

The most prominent characteristic of [student’s last name] was [insert specific characteristics, such as flexibility or creativity] that was evident in [a particular project or activity].
During the [time} I studied [student’s last name], I was always impressed by [his/her] references to [specific characteristics or accomplishments, e.g., work ethic, leadership, and academic performance
[Student’s last name] has a distinctive characteristic [discuss specific characteristics, e.g., flexibility, creativity] with [particular projects/activities] [he/she] [discuss positive specific characteristics, e.g., creativity, commitment ] This work is close to, and relates to [specific outcomes stated].
In addition to academic success, [student’s last name] participates in [describe extracurricular activities or community service].
I don’t have any doubt that [student’s last name] isn’t best the right person for [scholarship name], but a person who will make the maximum of this opportunity.
If you need extra information or have another question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for considering [student’s last name] for this prestigious scholarship.


[Your Full Name]
[Your Title/Position]

Recommendation letter for scholarship from employer

[Your Company’s Letterhead]

[Company Name]
[Company Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]

[Scholarship Committee Name]
[Name of the Scholarship Foundation or Institution]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

Dear [Scholarship Committee Name],

I am writing to highly recommend [Employee’s Full Name] for your [Name of Scholarship]. [Employee Last Name] has been a useful member of our team in the past [time] as [Employee Position] at [Company Name].

During [his/their] time with us, [last name of employee] has continually proven first-rate abilities, determination, and a sturdy painting ethic. [She/he] has performed a key role in [mention specific tasks or responsibilities] and has tested to be a brief learner and dependable crew player.

In addition to [professional contributions], [last name of employee] has also demonstrated a commitment to personal and professional development. [he/they] [refer to any promotions, certifications, or relevant developments in [his/her career herein].

I believe that [employee’s last name] is an eligible recipient of this scholarship and can benefit from this opportunity.

If you have any questions or need additional data, please contact me at [your email address] or [your phone number]. Thank you for considering [full name of employee] for this scholarship.


[Your Full Name]
[Your Job Title]
[Your Contact Information]

How to write a thank you letter for the scholarship